Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the wacky and wonderful

  • tripping in a most awkward way while walking out of walgreens (ahem, today..)...on a busy street in front of a large group of people. when things like this happen, i smile and try not to make eye contact, but part of me wants to look at the people close by and inform them that i have a winning personality or other great attributes that don't include falling in public. geez. i want people to remember me for fun stuff not "that gal that BIT.IT. today"
  • watching junior high kids try and act sexy while flirting with one another. sometimes, i want to pause and just say, "girl, he is JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU." or "boy, give it up, and move on." seriously, it may fit more into the "painful and hilarious" category more than "wacky" (the last statement is true unless said junior high student is donning a justin bieber shirt. then the "wacky" category stands).
  • coming to the realization that you still like school cafeteria mashed potatoes. right, leah? :)
  • the more i work out the more my laundry doubles. boo...
  • this lil' number i wore tuesday. Best Friend encouraged this savers sweater purchase a couple of months ago. the teddy bears made their grand debut. the hipster kids were pleased.

  • the fact that this navy skirt was ironed! i feel like i got ripped off...
  • having to literally stop the girl beside me who was sharing at small group to ask for a brownie from the coffee table because my blood sugar dropped to 45. stupid, inconsiderate diabetes...
  • being able to be real with my students. today we started reading To Kill a Mockingbird. i started with a role play on racism that my kiddos had no clue about. it was powerful, and we had very insightful conversations. kids have a way of being so genuine and honest. i am so blessed to have this job. truly.
  • starting and ending my days with my record player. best $10 investment. ever.
  • playful socks. i mean, they are just fun and definitely brighten your day. today, i wore these:

  • today i heard the best ringtone ever. i am now a sponsor for the green team at my school. :) today we had a meeting after school. we were making canisters to hold the tabs for aluminum cans that we collect and recycle. this sweet little 8th grade boy who is a fun kid that likes to playfully pick on others was in attendance. right before we broke up to make the canisters, out from his front pocket sings "everybody dance now!" his eyes got HUGE, and his face turned 11 shades of pink. so precious. oh, humble pie...
  • honey nut cheerios...just by themselves. no need for a bowl or milk. just straight from box, to hand, to mouth. just right.
  • this photo. seriously, color me enthralled. i love everything about it.

hope you are keeping it wacky and wonderful.

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