Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the wacky and wonderful

  • walking into a cheer try-out and receiving funny faces because it is closed to the public. yes, even you journalism teacher...
  • the fact that two of my meals this week have consisted of spaghetti o's.
  • my students. period.
  • that my yearbook is due in two short weeks. yowza.
  • the song "fergalicious." i mean...honestly...
  • gwyneth paltrow singing. i don't care who her hubs is...girl needs to stick to acting.
  • speaking of week ago, today, i not only sang in public for the first time...i also scatted. thanks to chassity jordan for capturing this pic. :)
  • spring are so close.
  • crafting again :)
  • these songs. especially in correlation with spring :)
  • my new thrift store purchase.
  • receiving compliments when you're make-upless and not feeling top notch.
  • my yearbook sponsor regifting me a $10 starbucks giftcard because she doesn't dig coffee. umm...score.
  • staying 2.5 hours after school and walking to my the sunshine.
  • blasts from the past.

today's threads:

belt, target. cowl neck shirt, old navy. cotton blazer, miley cyrus? scarf, walmart. skinny pants, old navy. boots, chinese laundry.


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