Saturday, March 5, 2011

the recent

as my friend rhonda said, "this week deserves two weekends and a free bottle of wine."

about 10 shades of tired. i am sure you know what i mean. school and sickness and just general lack of sleep are my major contributors. (note to self: bedtimes should still be implemented at my age).

i have recently been having a love affair with The Civil Wars. don't know who i am talking about? take a gander.

"poison and wine" isn't that harmony divine?

my personal favorite "i want you back." a cover of the jackson 5 song.

now. a couple of my threads from the past couple of days.

the look that dubbed me "professor simmons" on wednesday by my kiddos. it is a bit androgynous, however i softened it a bit with an audrey hepburn up 'do...or i tried to, at least. these pics are taken post-school. check out how that up 'do is holding: fuzztastic.

On me: Corduroy jacket, American Eagle. Oversized T, Gap (Product RED). Skinny Cords, Old Navy. Shoes, F21. i must say that the shoes are probably my favorite part of my outfit, even though the kiddos asked it i had a date at a bowling alley after school. thehehe. these kiddos really know me.

i'm not sure about you, but i am SO ready for spring. i decided to bring out a fun floral dress to show my support for the season. it is almost sundress weather; girls, get excited. 

Dress, thrifted. Cardigan, Old Navy. Necklace, F21. Shoes, Apostrophe by Primark (ready to get my tail back to England. sure miss shopping there)

have a great weekend.

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