Friday, April 1, 2011

i cannot compete with you, jolene

ahhhhhh, april, we meet again. you happen to be one of my favorite two months, and i thought you were just wonderful today. truly.

one of my favorite things to do this time of year is drive in the cool evenings with my windows down while listening to some fresh tunes. this season makes these lovelies all the more endearing in my book.
jolene-by dolly parton. classic driving music. just.classic.

"i have no sister" by oh no! oh my! i have adored this song for a couple of years now. so good, especially in the night air. favorite line: "you look like audrey hepburn when you get all dressed up. i have seen all your movies 'cause audrey's a stone fox."

"fade into you" by mazzy star. i think the first time i heard this song was the dance scene in the movie Angus. i became an instant fan. ahhhhh. so easy on the ears. (you broke his nose, Angus...)

today's outfit, y'all.
 \the pockets on this dress are ridiculous. pretty sure i could hide a small dog in them.

dress, Primark (London), cardi and belt, Target; shoes and necklace, F21; tights, Old Navy; leather Coach crossbody, thrifted.

today was spent cooped up working on finishing the yearbook. boo. after school i did have a great visit from j.hinson. what a pleasant surprise! so fun to show friends my "other life" at school.
tonight, i went over to Best Friend's new place in little rock. this is the closest we've lived to one another since the beginning of our friendship. i am so blessed that she is now so close by. we lived up the moment by ordering chinese takeout from New Fun Ree and getting a box of wine ( read that correctly). then chassity showed up, and it became a party. "it's fridayyyyy fri-i-dayyyyyy..."

what're you up to this weekend? i hope it is something fun and out of doors.

have a playful weekend.

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