Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the wacky and wonderful

happy hump day, y'all.

i decided to start a fun, midweek segment sharing things that i find wacky and wonderful.

  • my hair these past few mornings. i never claimed to be dull, kids.
  • this weather! seriously, it needs to make up it's mind; i've been humming "hot n cold" by katy perry this whole week.
  • charlie sheen (do i honestly need to explain this one?)
  • and let's just add to this list: everyone's obsession with the wackiness of charlie sheen
  • old british ladies. seriously, i think they should also double up in the wonderful category; however, anyone who can make a four-lettered word seem refined is pretty wacky (and wonderful) in my book.
  • most people's inability to match socks (ummm...guilty)
  • girls: do yourself a favor and go to sephora and snatch (then buy) fairy drops scandal queen mascara. i bought it this past weekend, and let me just staple in my makeup bag. great curl, great hold. SUPER fun brush.
  • the fact that my kiddos called me professor simmons today (will post outfit pics later on).
  • learning a new language.
  • blueberry muffins.
  • sondre lerche and freshly brewed tea
  • reading in the bath and being entirely engrossed in the book to the point that you do not notice you're freezing. (true story from last week)
  • oh and speaking of katy perry: the fact that she owns a cat and named it kitty purry. um...loves.


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Je$$ica said...

my socks never match