Wednesday, March 23, 2011

two-ferr: weekend update and the wacky and wonderful

hello, you.
it has been a long time, no?

sorry for my lack of hereness, for i have been away. about 3.5 hours away to be exact, hiding out in fayetteville for a few days basking in the...wind? i felt at times like i was hiding out in a southern chi.

staying with my friend aaron, i had quite the adventurous tour guide. sure, i have been in the Fay plenty of times...but i really enjoy having my friends show me their favorite places. there is really so much to do in this little joint. i l-o-v-e it.
a short synopsis:
  • multiple thrift stores=a new record player and a nice collection of records, including hall and oates, foreigner, boston, the west side story soundtrack, perry como, jim name a few. these to accompany my "my fair lady" soundtrack from aaron. get excited, hipster kids.
  • also thrift storing=new throw...can't wait to wash this bad boy and post photos soon. also, more vintage mason jars. leather clutch, and leather crossbody by coach.
  • little bread company. geraldi's. burger life. market place sweet potato fries. arsaga's coffee.
  • driving around looking at fantastic old houses.
  • testing out one another's camera gear for funsies
  • movies: the prestige. dedication. battle los angeles. the invention of lying.
  • more to come in "the wacky and wonderful"
the wacky and wonderful

  • seeing this kid drop trou at a reststop today. just took care of business out in the open...
  • suckers they sell at the mall in fayetteville, get this: in the shape of an ear of corn (yikes...look at all of those prepositions)
  • trying to be a lady while eating a massive cheeseburger. i fail every time. if you figure out how to do this...let me know, please.
  • having an emotional breakdown first thing in the morning(yikes.).
  • one of the records i bought was a "west memphis marching band 1963-1964." i feel like this deserves to be in both wacky and wonderful. wacky that i found it in fay. wonderful because i am actually from the WM. and my parents met and dated there, daddy born in '63, mommers in '64.
  • the fact that bell-bottoms are making a major comeback. have fun with those, kiddos.
  • cranberry diet coke from sonic =make this diabetic happy. if you are rockin' a functioning pancreas, go crazy and also add vanilla. trust me.
  • J√≥nsi on vinyl. in the morning. oh gracious. so.very.good.
  • being held. most especially when there is not a trace of self-centeredness in the midst.
  • enjoying a dos equis with one of my favorite people of all time. in the middle of the afternoon. at a hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant. because.we.can.
  • being vulnerable and open with new friends and them being open to you. it is a beautiful thing, truly.
  • enjoying the evening at common grounds with a dear friend from college (cough::rhonda.nelms::cough). also, realizing during this time, that she and i are still the same kids we were in college...just now we have bills and careers.
  • speaking of rhonda, her amazing idea of having a flash mob in wal-mart. totally BRILL.
  • florence and the machine. "the dog days are over" may be my anthem for this spring:
  • the continuation of being carded. it will be a sad day when this fails to happen...
  • sleeping in my own bed tonight. ahhhhhhh.

hope you are having a great week.

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