Saturday, March 26, 2011

recently, i've been crazy about...

a. my new go-to red. believe me: this stuff is incredible, and when they say infallible, they mean it. red wine teeth=not attractive. red wine lips on the other hand...well, you decide.

b. these second-hand treasures i acquired in the Fay (bee.tee.dub. i purchased these on sunday, so as not to break from Lent). they are surprisingly comf.

c. making mixed cd's cute again. i've been using these for months now; they're just too darn cute. i think i'm going to make a nice spring mix. lemme know if you'd like one :)

d. this cool weather. i'm not ready for the arkansas heat wave to move in just yet. today was filled with snuggling, crafting, and omelet making (and demolishing)

e. winking. c'mon, kids. let's try to make a come-back in regards to winking; you know, give winking a good rep. this isn't a greeting only reserved for creepy old men and on-the-prowl cougars at skeezy bars. try it out. if you feel as though it is a big fail, you can always pretend there is something in your eye ;)

f. cherry coke zero...mmmm... seriously, i think this is solid proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.

hope your weekend has been filled with snugglin' and smoochin'...if that's your thing...

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eli said...

this girl would like a lady mix.