Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life. Love. and...ahem...Lent.


we hope you all are doing well, this fine Fat Tuesday. we had a king cake at school today and i found it particularly funny (and somewhat endearing) when some of my colleagues excitedly cut their piece of cake to see if a plastic baby would be revealed. it is the little things, folks. (literally, in this instance).

things i am loving recently: the color yellow in trees and plants. when sunshine is creeping through grey clouds. decaf coffee (i know you think i'm nuts, but i think it is the best thing ever: flavor without the jitters later. my baristas now just mark decaf. ha).

now on to more pressing matters. L-e-n-t.

i really enjoy participating in Lent. it is such a beautiful display of the faithfulness of the Lord and his inspiring life. i have been teetering back and forth with what to do this year. two years ago i gave up sonic drinks. living in a small town, that was one of the hardest things to give up because it was my treat to myself. i didn't carry sodas in my apt, but my daily trip to sonic gave me my fix. even though i didn't have one myself, i still continued to run to sonic for my colleagues. it was such a great way to serve others, and i must say i didn't swerve in my 40 days. last year, i gave up driving to school. it was about a 20 minute walk each way and was a great time to get ready/decompress for the day. (my students swore i needed to give up giving tests. ha). this year i have been very convicted of selfishness and vanity. it is easy to get suckered into both of these. i was toying with the idea of giving up makeup for 40 days. how freeing! then...this weekend happened. i purged my closet of a lot of clothes, shoes, and bags. put 'em in a huge laundry basket to take off. a friend of mine saw them and said, "you're giving those away?! that is probably as many clothes as i own." shamefully, i thought about my two closets back in my apt bursting at the seams. so...i will continue to rock the makeup...but for 40 days...no shopping. none. zilch. nada. i am really excited about this prospect. not only the money i will be saving for a month, but hopefully the extra time and attention on things that truly matter. plus, there's the whole being content and donning self-control thing, too. it just really hasn't helped what with my living beside a shopping mall. :) but friends, do not fret, for i am perfectly happy with accompanying you on your shopping endeavors. i hear i am pretty good with advice and finding some of the best deals around.

another thing that i am working on during this season of Lent is my prayer life. it has been somewhat lacking in the whole "praying-for-others-besides-my-family" department. i have found a way to remedy that. i have written down 40 names of friends and aquaintances. cut them into strips and placed them in a jar. each day i am going to pick a name from the jar. and that day, that person shall be covered in prayer by me. i am really looking forward to these upcoming intimate moments with my Father. what a precious gift for me.

hope you are having a lovely tuesday. stay warm tonight.

p.s. today's outfit. let's hear it for grainy iphoniness :)

on me: it was a good day for Old Navy: dress, cardi, and scarf. belt, Target. clogs, Seychelles.

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