Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the wacky and wonderful

*note: the majority of this blog post was written on Wednesday for the wacky and wonderful, but it was finished on Thursday. i never claimed to be early, kids.
  • when people baby talk their pets (didn't say it wasn't endearing, though)
  • when you have to use a coed bathroom and a member of the opposite sex is waiting outside for you to finish. eesh. just awkward.
  • the ball of hair that seems to collect underneath the arms of my jackets/coats.
  • running into people i used to date. i never know if i should side hug, shake their hand, or give them a fist pound. if you figure it out, let me know.
  • when you end up with the shopping cart that only wants to turn one way.
  • when i have been hanging out with a friend and leave and then find a piece of food in my teeth or something. seriously, am i the only one that just tells the person?
  • elevator rides with a person you don't know. do you say hi? do you wait? do you just ride in silence(well...except for that whole background Kenny G thing playing).
  • the Dixie Chicks verson of "Landslide" say what you want, that stuff is GOOD.
  • zumba on monday night. seriously...i love my class/students.
  • the fact that the family and consumer science classes are baking this week. free baked goods!
  •  a smile from a stranger.
  • my sister, Jade, who is the most incredible mommy ever.
  • the fact that tomorrow is jean day at school. ummm...yes, please.
  • handwritten letters
  • Adele. period.
  • tonight, when i performed live with two sweet friends. and most importantly, all the sweet friends who came out to support. so blessed, i am.

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