Tuesday, March 1, 2011

playing catch-up

hello, lovies. hope you all are having a swell tuesday.
i am one tired lady. i know i have been playing catch-up all day. and tonight i have two more to do: catch up on sleep and this lil blog of mine.

friday was a super fun day filled with Best Friend, the first manicure OF MY LIFE, indian food, retail therapy, then hanging out with Best Friend and Starbucks Boyfriend.
saturday was a lazy day around the apt. de lady, aside from the fact that i made the best stirfry of all time. later i went to juanitas to celebrate my good friend lauren's 21st birthday (note, this was actually the 5th anniversary of her 21st...)

one of my favorite outfits of the weekend:

it should be noted that these lime green tights made my mother cringe in real life. :)
i love colour  (yes, i realize i am in arkansas, not england. i just think it is lovelier spelled that way. booya.). i basically constructed this outfit from the tights up. just a tip that i go by: wear one thing that is bright, then mute everything else. hence, why i went with a cream dress and colored cardi.
dress, target. scarf, f21. cardi, target. belt, thrifted. tights, h&m. clogs, calvin klein via plato's closet.

moving right along...
i found myself in little rock yesterday afternoon running errands before my zumba class when i realized a travesty: i hadn't been to anthropologie in a shamefully long time. so, i went in and cruised through that bargain closet of theirs and found a couple of favourites (i know...oy, with the british spelling already!)

...this is what i had on when i went in... one of my favorite anthro sweaters paired with a homemade broom skirt(courtesy of my nanny) and one of my favorite staples: my leopard flats.

ummm...these shorts are super presh, not necessarily on me...just in general. i love the green and navy with a hint of pink around the belt. slap and oversized top, some tights underneath, and some slouchy boots, and you have yourself a fantastic weekend getup.

orange and plaid never worked so well together. i love this pencil skirt. wish i could have taken a photo from behind so you could see the draping detail.

so, there is my anthropologie dressing room photo shoot. isn't shopping by yourself just heavenly at times? :)



Delineatrix said...

You have a blog! You're blogging your outfits! YAAAAAAYYYYY

Delineatrix said...

This is Amy by the way :3