Monday, March 28, 2011

things that make me want to get married.

not any time soon. (bee.tee.dub)
i'm not anywhere NEAR this, my darlings. this is just a generic sort of longing. honestly, like everything i stumbled up today was lovey dovey. so this post goes out to all you's married people, engaged people, or people just in plain ol' love.

  • this wedding video is UH-mazing. i would love to make one someday for someone...or star in my own. seriously, y'all this is 10 shades of awesome. enjoy...if you haven't already.

  • a fun idea for a wedding invitation. i am sure this took forever and a day to capture, but all i know is it is totally BRILL. ahhhh...

  • i saw this little checklist that made me giggle. a kissing checklist?! why haven't i thought of this before? this is the sort of bucket list i can get behind. so...i made my own.
what would your list look like? no, really, i'm curious...

  • new (to me) coffeemaker from my sweet friend jules. she has been rockin' the keurig and was going to give this baby to goodwill, until she asked me if i would like it...boy, would i?! now...what does this coffeemaker have to do with "things that make me want to get married"? duh, i can't wait to make coffee with my hubs, and having an extra body around will hopefully cut my caffeine intake in two :)

have a wonderful week, muh lovies.

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