Friday, February 25, 2011

Friggin' Love...

these shoes.

yesterday i had to miss school for a doctor's visit, which was a major bummer because i happen to be one of those crazies who LOVE their job. so, i treated myself to a lil' thrifting to make myself feel better, post doc. i am so happy i did because i found these vintage dainties, along with a leather belt (psst: i am one of those lazy/impatient people who enjoy buying things already "broken in" for leather belts) at the goodwill in bryant. can i just say how comfy they are? no lie. i have been prancing around school today. they are this gorgeous periwinkle leather and by a company named Paradise Kittens. tehehe. what a cute name, eh?  (bee.tee.dub, they aren't different hued as depicted in the photo, just the illusion made by iPhone apps)

hope you are enjoying your friday!


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Toyin O. said...

So cute, love those shoes.