Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the wacky and wonderful

  • running out of gas. not a great way to start your day. my gracious. i have been officially driving on my own for 11 years now and had yet to ever encounter this predicament until this morning. i was on my way to school and about two blocks from a gas station...putt putt putt. i had to drive into a strangers drive way and call some teacher friends...who told MY BOSS who called me and said, "I'm on my way." ok, awkward and weird to have this happen, but then to have your boss come bail you out. ugh. (but i guess this would also fall into the wonderful category, too, because i am so grateful to work for someone who is willing to help a sista' out).
  • this conversation in class today:
    me: so kids...what do you want to do when you graduate high school? thoughts?
    girl: i want to go to texas a &m.
    me: really? what do you want to study?
    girl: well, i want to do technician?
    me: ummm...well, darlin', you know you can go to cosmetology school and save yourself a lot of money...
    girl: well...but miss simmons...i really want to go to college.
    me: oh, please do! so are you thinking business? like to own your own nail salon?
    girl: oh no, miss simmons, i think i am just going to study nursing.
    me: oh...nursing... you do realize you are going to have to go to nursing school. so...when you are finished with everything you are going to be a nurse?
    girl:, miss simmons. i still want to do nails for a living...i am just going to save nursing as a back up.

    i can't make this stuff up, y'all. welcome to my world...

  • the fact that kit kats aren't more diabetic, why you no healthy?
  • it is almost may, and i am still having to wear tights. c'mon weather, get with the times!
  • haven't seen Best Friend at all this week. we have a coffee date friday before i leave for the weekend, at least. what does she look like again? i am beginning to forget...
  • diet mtn dew supernova. don' there are times when i forgo the cup of coffee and have a soda. my go-tos are cherry coke zero and diet mtn dew. i tried this baby for the first time today and my goodness, it is so great and so refreshing. i am always on the prowl for new diet drinks and this one will definitely be in my life this summer. strawberry melon goodness. getchu!
  • my sweet zumba class. we had dinner last thursday night and it was incredible. i really love those ladies and getting to invest in their lives outside of zumba. i am so blessed. so blessed, i say!
  • this song. i have been listening to it on repeat all week. it seems to fit the tempestuous weather moods. still, so beautiful.

  • cooking for myself. i really love having people over and cooking/baking for them. (you should come over. i mean it) but sometimes, it is nice to just do it for me, even though i live alone and will be eating it for days. it is nice to treat yourself as a guest. you should try it.

have a great rest of your week.
this tired lady is hitting the hay.


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