Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my relaxing playlist

'ello, muh sweets.
what a lovely week it has been. there is nothing really wacky to report. for me, it has been all wonderful, so i am going to forgo the "wacky and wonderful" and share with you a mix i concocted. i made this relaxing playlist last week when the weather was unfriendly and enjoyed it so much that i have been listening to it in the sun rays this week. isn't music funny like that? i mean...this got me through storms and grey skies but is turning around and having the same effect on me with sunshine and blue skies. has music ever done that to you?

.a  r e l a x i n g  mix by the lady.
  1.  "Go do" by Jonsi
  2.  "Your Ex Lover is Dead" by Stars
  3.  "Clementine" by Sarah Jaffe
  4.  "Little Garcon" by Born Ruffians
  5.  "Awake my Soul" by Mumford and Sons
  6.  "Within the Rose" by Matthew and the Atlas
  7.  "Poison and Wine" by the Civil Wars
  8.  "Trois Gymnopedies" by Erik Satie
  9.  "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" by Copeland
  10.  "This Is Why We Fight" by the Decemberists
  11.  "Avril 14th" by Aphex Twin
  12.  "Good Friday" by Coco Rosie
  13.  "Plus Je T'Embrasse" by Blossom Dearie
  14.  "Carry Me Ohio" by Sun Kil Moon
  15.  "Swarming" by Efterklang
what are you listening to now, my loves? i would enjoy hearing some of your suggestions for new music, for i am always on the prowl for fresh tunes. anything you can't stop listening to?

this has been a fun one to bounce around to when the weather is nice:

ha. my students love when i play this song for them. they either call it "that sleepy song" or "that chipmunk song"... :)

hope you are having the loveliest of weeks. it is teacher appreciation week. (so, if you can read this, thank a teacher...not necessarily me. ha.)


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