Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wacky and wonderful

'ello, muh loves.
hope you haven't been washed away the past two days.
i have been horrible the past few weeks with the "wacky and wonderful" wednesday.
i  a m  b a c k.

  • this wind. i am over it. soooooo over it. this wind=me not being very ladylike. i have pulled multiple (embarassing) "marilyn monroe"s this past few days, and i don't have the white dress, boomin' bod, and blonde 'do to make it worthwhile. you're welcome for the show, fellas...
  • these fake hair headbands for your baby girl. pretty sure this would make me plan a revolt against my parents later. did you click it? is that not the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen? i'm just sayin...
  • last night. so...i am cozied up in my apartment listening to jazz music. snuggled ever-so-nicely in a blanket on my couch. dim lights. comfy clothes. i mean...the life, right? sure there was a crazy storm going on outside. i don't get worked up about these things. so remember when i said i was cozy? there i was. almost in that tranquil state of bliss and then "BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM" is the noise i hear on my front door. i shake awake, ponder if i heard it on my door or the one next door, hear nothing but the sirens going off, and snuggle down under my blanket. then...again "BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM" only now it is followed by "PLEASE LET US IN! PLEASE!" living alone can sometimes be uncomfortable and this was most assuredly one of those moments. then i hear it. the soft cries of a child. then i get some pep in my step and open it up to see two families at my door who are soaked. they live in the two apartments above me and due to conflicting schedules, i had never met them prior. they come in and one of the women is shaking uncontrollable and crying. i offer a glass of water. she says she was fine. now my relaxing evening is shot with 5 strangers in my apartment. the woman then proceeds to call her sister and refers to herself as "a hot mess" because she threw clothes on to come downstairs. at this moment i realize that she has her shirt on, not only backwards, but inside out, as well. in contrast with my own relaxed attitude on the subject of storms, you can imagine how i had to stifle my giggles.
  • conversation in my classroom today: kid1: "mr. so-and-so lives in an apartment." kid2: "oh really?! he doesn't seem like the apartment type of person. he's more like a house." me: "so what makes someone a "house" person or an "apartment" person? i live in an apartment; am i missing something? kid2: "oh miss simmons, you are DEFINITELY not an apartment person!" kid1: " dress like you live in a mansion. you're definitely a mansion person.'

    ...i've never felt so confused about myself. i had an identity crisis before 5th period. i felt like i was living in my own version of MASH...
  • this version of "friday" by rebecca black as by "bob dylan." i just don't know how i feel about this...your thoughts?
  • the fact that this is a four-day week. so blessed beyond words for every part of that sentence and what it represents and means in my life.
  • mono and karissa are back! so excited to see my dear friends and to have them with us stateside. i am also very, very overjoyed to have our lil' girlie slumber party at Best Friend's house this friday. we're still young, y'all. age ain't nothin' but a numba' :)
  • blossom dearie. first off, isn't that the most presh name ever? secondly, she is quite the wonderful companion to this crazy, stormy weather. remember when i said i was listening to jazz? blossom dearie. today i was reminded how much i love this lil' ditty of hers. i've been listening to this and scootin around the apartment in thick socks, trying not to spill my coffee in hand. enjoy.

  • my outfit from yesterday. i love spring and the color yellow just seemed appropriate :)

    sandals, primark in london.

    headband, f21. leather belt, goodwill.
    elephant necklace, f21.

    black jeggins, old navy. yellow stripped sweater, anthropologie. bag, all you need.

don't blow away tonight. stay safe. "peace piece" just started playing and it is about to relax me into slumber or force me to go take a hot bath, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the entire world ;)

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