Monday, April 18, 2011

a few things i'm loving

hello. hello.

i hope you survived your monday with little bumps. i had a few today, mostly involving my car. boo for having to buy new tires., on to the lovin'.

  • modern family.
    if you haven't seen this gem of a show, you must put it on some sort of to-do list you have. i recently bought season 1 for cheaps at target due to many of my friends telling me how smart it is. i had never watched an episode until this week, and i have been giggling like a small child. it showcases one large family comprised of three small, unique families. i don't want to give away too much. just...please. i urge you to watch. :)

  • i like harry potter. i like satire. when they collide...pure magic. so...for all of you harry lovas out there. this one's for you. getcher groove on witcho wizerrrds.

  • this outfit. i got this homesewn shirt/pancho thing at goodwill for $4, a steal if you ask me because i have gone to many a boutique and seen shirts like this for $125 easy. there are zero tags and few of the stitches are off: i loooooove things that are homemade.

  • hot pink lips. i've recently gotten into lip color. i used to be a lip balm only gal, but this winter, i brought out red lips a few times. i wanted something summery and light. i recently purchased revlon's colorburst lip gloss in hot pink. i haven't been disappointed. go out on a limb and try something new and daring--if not hot pink lips, something else. ;)
have a great evening. what're some of the things you're loving?


Delineatrix said...

Right now I'm loving perfume bottles that look like toys. See: Harajuku Lovers "G of the Sea" and Katy Perry "Purr" -- both of which smell like the sweet, sweet breath of unicorns.

Delineatrix said...

This is Amy by the way. :3