Sunday, April 17, 2011

a montage

hello, my darling readers.
have you had a good weekend?
i do hope so.
i had a great weekend. nay, the best weekend.

the past two and a half days have been filled with two of my favorite people on God's green earth: my sister and my nephew. jade and elliot scooted in Bryant(6 baby chicks in tow)on friday evening and left sunday afternoon. before their arrival, my friend aaron stopped by for a couple of hours to lust at bedford camera and video, grab a bite, and return to my apartment to listen to vinyls.

isn't it divine to be surrounded by some of your favorite people in your very own abode? once jade and elliot showed up, aaron and i got our cameras out and went to town with elliot. babies are some of the cutest and most frustrating things to shoot, but i am super partial to this one. :)

bless his heart. he wasn't here 10 minutes and the paparazzi had already shown up.

saturday morning was wonderful. we got E up, bathed, and i made egg sandwiches for breakfast. i also learned that elliot has an affinity for the strokes's new album. he went nuts when i put them on, giggling and wiggling and such. stinkin' cutie, i tell ya. as we got ready, i whipped up another pie for later (is there a clinic i can check into. no really...pie bakers anonymous? we headed out to thrift in the benton area: habitat restore and then the benton goodwill, also known as my mecca. jade and i bought them out of their cute vintage pillow cases; we bought them for the fabric. one of my favorite moments was when we checked out. our cashier had a heavy southern accent and made a comment on almost every thing jade and i bought. jadey and i snagged some amazing deals. as jade was paying i looked to her and said, "that is insane" (about how little our totals were) our cashier: "honey, we're all insane here, and we'll teach you FOR FREE." gosh, i love people who are quick with wit.

we headed in to little rock to do more thrifting and enjoy guacamole and cheese dip at Las Palmas for lunch. we got the same server i have had every single time i've been there. i kind of think he may have worked at chick-fil-a before scoring this gig because every time we thanked him, he said in a rich Antonio Banderas sort of way, "muh playzure." Best Friend met up with us at park plaza mall for about an hour; it was high time she met my sister and nephew. needless to say, it was a hit. i love it when the people you love hit it off. i had no doubt. she headed off to a wedding, and we headed off to my apt. after going back to my apartment and napping, we went back to little rock to the Union so jadey could try THE DONUT BURGER. now, if you have yet to try this magnificent creation, i would urge you to. i have tried it once and that was enough for me. this is a bacon cheese burger with grilled onions and instead of a bun, they have grilled a krispy kreme donut. it is a once in a lifetime thing (at least for this diabetic). there is really nothing like it; those of you who enjoy a good montecristo sandwich should most assuredly try out this bad boy; it is a great blend of salty and sweet. anyway, jadey gave it two thumbs up. she's a champ.

early sunday afternoon, we took boo's easter photos. living on a golf course has its perks: beautiful scenery. it was quite bright, so we took boo out by the lake under a shade tree. he was kind of hit with all of the country clubbers whizzing by in their golf carts. the ladies would giggle and look over their shoulders at us, and we had one guy come to a screeching stop and in his best Walter Cronkite impersonation say, "i'll give ya a dollar for that little boy." oh gracious. anyway, i looked through them and here are just a few of my favorites so far.

gosh, it'll be all over when he learns the name "Aunt Josie"

also, this weekend, i received a lil' package in the mail from the ever-lovely Angie Ford. fun story: angie knew me back when i was a wee girl in kindergarten. :) she is unique soul from memphis who is a dabbler, like me. she creates photographs, loves recipes, and makes super cute jewelry. i saw these wonderful earrings she made from leather and pearl. i commented on how they'd be great in my collection, you know, a fun way to compliment. AND SHE SENDS THEM TO ME IN THE MAIL! overload of three of my favorite things ever: handmade jewelry, snail mail, and acts of kindness. (lucky for her, i, too, like to create things, and now that i have her address, i shall be sending her some goodies soon :)

word on the street is she is in the works of creating an etsy account. when she does, i'll be sure to let you lovelies know. i am in love with these lil' darlings and am so excited to have them as a staple in my collection. thank you so much, angie!

well, my sweets. i am kind of exhausted just typing all of this out. i am sure you are just from reading it. i wish you all a happy monday and sweet dreams

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angie said...

You... my cute friend, are an amazing photographer!
Elliott is a precious little guy and he certainly looks like his namesake!

*glad you like your earbobs(: