Sunday, April 3, 2011


i had one tonight.
so very good.

two of my favorite men folk graced apt 501 tonight, and boy, did we have a grand evening. clint and jacob have been friends of mine since high school, and this year is the first year we have all lived in the same area since high school. we took advantage of the situation this evening, now that our schedules have somewhat died down and enjoyed dinner together. i cooked pistachio-crusted chicken, mashed potatoes, and lemon garlic broccoli, and then we had chocolate chip pie for dessert. ladies, if you have never had your man friends(men friends?) over to your place for dinner, i'd highly recommend it.
a few reasons being:
  • not having to worry about looking cute. tonight i wore some grey skinnies, and a raggy old smashing pumpkins tee. when they got here, my hair was still wet from having hopped out of the shower 10 minutes before. low maintenance dinner? yes, please.
  • being among people who eat with no regrets. generally, men will eat your food without stating every 5 seconds how bad this is for his diet, how he is going to regret it, or verbalizing how much of a pig he feels he is for eating so much. tonight it was all, "jordan, you're the best!" "let me know anytime you want to have us over again." "oh my gosh, this is so good." etc. girls, you want a nice ego booster? invite boys over for dinner.
  • for further studying the male species. while the boys were talking at the table, i washed the dishes (before you think that they were jerks who didn't offer to help, they most certainly did. i just shoo'ed them off because it is just easier for me to do it myself. plus, when guests come to your place, don't let them work. that's why they are your guests. ha) as they spoke, i listened to their conversation and giggled to myself because the differences between men and women astound me sometime. it was nice to hear of their joys and struggles. just their life. another reminder of how rich it is just to be removed from some things and just listen.
one of the things i was most excited about was making a pie that my father used to often make. a couple of christmases ago, my mother gave all of us kiddos framed recipes my daddy had handwritten. most of them were the same: chocolate chip pie. i don't know if he kept misplacing the original or what, but it is really cute to see the quirks he had. this was just one. i keep my favorite winky faced photo of him in my kitchen, since that was one of his favorite places. so...with the wink close by...i took care of business as best i could with making a chocolate chip pie for this evening.

...and let's just was a hit.

hope your weekend was playful and full of loved ones.

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