Tuesday, April 5, 2011

may be time for a shave.

in my last post, i mentioned my dear friend, jacob.
i feel like you all should meet him.
friends, Jacob. Jacob, friends.
isn't he presh?
we've been friends now for 10 years. we met in youth group at temple baptist church in searcy, ar. hands down, the sweetest man in the world. one time he made me over one hundred snickerdoodles and delivered them to me at church. while in iowa, we took a walk one morning, and i mentioned how pretty this single purple flower was. this kid not only went back and found it but braved the stickers and briars, put it in water, and left it in my room with a note. we've seen each other through joys and sorrows. getting new jobs, careers taking flight, and losing parents. we both lost our fathers just a few months apart, he losing his first and i following just a few months after. he has remained such a great blessing in my life, and i am so thankful.

anyway, this fella is turning the big 2-6 tomorrow(woo!), and as a birthday gift to himself, he is shearing himself(his words, not mine). i quote, "i've got my clippers charging. i'm going brazilian, girl." :) oh, this guy. you see why he's so dear, no?

today i had a doctor's appointment in little rock, so jacob and i met up for lunch, and he asked if afterward i would take some "before" shots of him. our lunch ran late because of great conversation and partially because i ordered "the cowboy burger" seriously...what in the world was i thinking? we left and went to shakes, a nearby frozen custard stand. with frozen custard in hand, i shot; he posed. we only had about 10 minutes before he had to be at work, so here is 10 minutes worth of shooting jacob in his "farewell to hair" shoot in the parking lot of shakes. nothing staged, all of this is jacob's winning personality.

he asked, specifically, for a unabomber shot.

 so emosh.

my favorite.

what a fun afternoon. i hope you got out and enjoyed the sunshine in some capacity today.
i'll be posting "after" photos later.

edit* i take it back. real favorite. boom.

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