Tuesday, November 9, 2010

be your favorite date.

Yes, I realize it seems a bit ludicrous to say that, but seriously...do yourself a favor and try it out, whether you are single or not.

This evening I went to Robinson Center in hopes of winning the Wicked lottery and scoring 2 orchestra tickets for $25 each. The rules were: you had to sign up 2.5 hours before the show, must have photo i.d., and must pay in cash; also, you could only buy up to 2 tickets. So, I set off to sign up in hopes of snagging tickets for my best friend, Laura, and me. I waited around with a book in hand until the names were drawn. I didn't win; however, after they had called the last name, the lady in charge informed us that there were some orchestra seats still available and seeing as we came out so early for the lottery, we could buy them for $40 a piece but must be with cash. Seeing as I only had $50, I knew that I couldn't score tickets for both Laur and me, but I wanted to see if I could get one and have my chance to see the show. I stayed in line for what seemed like an hour and finally got up to the counter. People had been dropping like flies because we were informed that many of the tickets they had left were not together. "How many?" the sweet lady asked. "Ummm...one, please" came my reply. "Just one??" she inquired with a quizzical stare. "Yes ma'am." I smiled back to her.

Wow. A date with myself. Just me.
While this would probably unnerve many, it made me chuckle because I realized that I was going to have this special night...with me.

I walked down the sidewalk in search of food and found the sushi bar, Wasabi, nearby. So I walked inside to a "seat yourself" sign. So, I did, and my server approached with two menus. "Waiting for someone?" he asked. "No, sir. It is just me." came my reply. Then there came the pity stare, "Oh, ok." he said. After ordering and taking off my coat, sitting there, I realized that I was the only person who was alone. I smiled, and whipped out my latest novel from my satchel and read until my food came. I savored it all and ate my lot. Sitting there, I pulled out my compact and retouched my makeup, packed up my bag, and headed back out into the cold. I walked the couple blocks to Robinson and entered. I found my seat which was completely secluded because there was an empty space beside it for those who require a wheelchair. I could not have been more alone, and I loved it. I sat through that fantastic performance and just soaked it in. It was such a fun night, and while it would seem that it would be horrible not to share it with someone, I really had a great time...with myself.

So, my challenge to you: take yourself on a date.

You have little to no worries of:
  1. rejection :)
  2. who is going to pay
  3. if your outfit is too dressy/not dressy enough
  4. whether or not your breath is kicking too much for a goodnight kiss
  5. the possibility of another date
Seriously, give yourself a chance. You may surprise yourself because who are you more comfortable with than you?

Have fun.