Friday, February 18, 2011

even though i love color...

i just felt like being muted today. i don't know if it was because of the gray morning or the fact that i am actually sad to see winter go. (shhh..don't tell anyone. however, i can most assuredly tell you i shall put on my DANCING SHOES when spring has officially sprung)

anyway, some friends and acquaintances have asked me to start a blog focusing on fashion. well, peeps. here's to my first blog post. (cheers!)

 (pardon the grainy iPhoneness of the photographs. the 5d is waiting on her batteries to get charged)
i am wearing:
black long-sleeved Hanes crew. an ochre scarf from Old Navy. khaki green trouser paints from Old Navy. black woven belt from Target. black leather Seychelles clogs courtesy of Urban Outfitters

i really love this outfit. it is super comfy and though muted, has tons of personality. being a teacher, i am always looking for comfort. i know those heels may not look it, but they are super functional: take it from a teacher who donned them for 8 hours today. the sad part is, i added about 4 inches to my 5'2" frame and many of my students were still taller than me. plus, i love them because i purchased them for $39.99 instead of their regular $129.99. ka-ching. however, those clogs are not my favorite part of the outfit: it is my scarf! i wrapped my scarf like a shawl so it could function as a completely different piece. i wore it about 3 different ways today, but this one was my favorite, not to mention that adding that black belt to cinch it together did this curvy girl's body some good.

that is all for now. i am readying for a evening out with friends. tomorrow Best Friend and i are going to have a fun photoshooting palooza in honor of cameras, good weather, and the long weekend.
have fun this weekend and try to do something self-indulgent. :)



solace said...
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eli said...

girl. fran. i love this... and am definitely going to steal the scarf/belt idea! what!

i wish we could be face friends!