Sunday, November 7, 2010

the beginning of a new favorite pastime?

going to the movies.

Oh yes, I said it: going to the movies may be my new favorite pastime.

My friends know that I am a lover of movies but not going to the theater. It costs an arm and a leg, you can't pause to go to the restroom, you have to obey certain guidelines (such as not bringing your own snacks, which I do (go ahead and judge...)), and you don't know what the other patrons are going to do during the film.

So, this past week I have gone to see two films: RED and Due Date.  This is completely out of character for me because before this week, I can't remember the last time I saw a movie in the theater due to the aforementioned complaints. Anyway, I have gotten over many of those hesitations this week(perhaps it was the company?). I think my cold, movie heart is melting because the fun with movie theaters is their unpredictability. Is the movie going to be good? I don't know. Is the couple beside me going to make out the whole time? I don't know. Is the group of teenagers behind me going to shut up when the movie starts? I don't know. Before, this always drove me nuts; now, it makes the experience kind of fun.

It seems that some of the reservations I had somewhat service its appeal to me now.

::In other news, I am developing new friendships and feel my social butterfly wings beginning to spread. I have really awkward tendencies, but I feel these walls of anxiety being broken down and opportunities to love and grow with others open. It is a great feeling to be amongst people who believe in life and love our God. Getting over my fears of rejection and disregarding my former hermit existence, I have so enjoyed meeting new people and beginning friendship. This has been such a testimony of God's love to me and His promise never to forsake me or leave me. Putting awesome people in my life has demonstrated His promise to me. I count myself incredibly blessed. Thank you all for being a part of my journey. I hope it continues.

peace and love,

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J. Alvey said...

So, I completely understand the "hermit" existence. Is it this place that brings it out? I don't remember being a hermit in college, and I am most definitely a people person....