Saturday, November 6, 2010

my favorite time of the year.

I cannot seem to get enough of Fall. Huzzah! It is seriously my most favorite time of the year; Spring makes a close second.

One reason I enjoy Fall so much is that it always makes me think back to my time of studying in England. It has been five years; time has really gotten away from me. The thing I remember loving the most was wrapping up tight with warm clothing, reading whatever I wanted, hot tea, and not having an agenda. These past two days have been reflecting these ideals, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Yesterday was a wonderful day off. I have a rather stately stack of books on my right nightstand that have been begging me to read them. I am glad to report, I put a nice dent in them the past couple of days. Constantly reading for my students and what we are doing in class, it is nice to sit and just enjoy reading for pleasure, which has unfortunately become a rarity in my life.

Cold weather has finally shown up! I am so excited to be able to double up on socks, long-sleeved t's, and tights. Known for my uncanny fashion statements, Fall offers so many chances for me to express myself with new outfits...because cold weather + need for more layers =some crazy Simmons originals.

Now onto hot beverages and no agenda. Last night, my friend Julie Miller (whose hubs is THE John Miller of the blues band The John Miller Band) and I got together for a fun girl's night while John was out playing gigs. I am pretty sure that she and I sat at our table at Sakura while 3 or 4 couples came in after us and left before we even reached for our checks. I love, love, love no agenda. While living in England, that is one thing the natives told me: when going to dinner, expect it to be at least 2 to 2 and a half hours. They were right, and it was so lovely to be in an atmosphere of no hurrying to go from one thing to another, to be able to invest in people and meaningful conversations. Such a blessing. After a long dinner, she and I returned to her house, and I made my famous Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (eat my shorts, Starbucks!).  Holding our mugs for warmth, we continued conversation and did one of our guilty pleasures: streamed Youtube makeup tutorials through her television. Ha. Before I left, she informed me that she had never seen the movie Amelie. She got it on Netflix instant and I showed her my favorite scene with my favorite song. I think she is a believer, now :)

Hope you all have a fantastic Fall evening. My mug of tea is going fast this afternoon. Off to put more water in the kettle. Make sure you bundle up tonight.


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angie said...

Jordan, I love reading of your adventures, books/movies and guilty pleasures! BTW, it's not nice to talk about such intriguing "Culinary Concoctions" aka... Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, unless you share your recipe:)