Monday, April 2, 2012

leah + billy

my dear friends billy and leah are GETTING MARRIED, and i couldn't be more thrilled. this post is overdue but i wanted to wait until they had a chance to look them over before i posted about them.

leah and i met my freshman year at OBU. we lived on the same hall (Franny C East 3!) but didn't really realize it until our boyfriends introduced us because THEY lived on the same hall as well. welp, boyfriends eventually left, and we ended up having a truly beautiful friendship out of the deal. a few of my favorite memories include (but are not limited to) : campus drive arounds and sitting in cars singing outloud, the zaragon photoshoot in hot springs, chi delta winter formal, playing manhunt at 3 a.m, and of course, the infamous Fayetteville trip (oh my...)

through the years, we've kept in contact and last year when i realized i had gotten the job in benton, i was beyond thrilled to be next to leah again. we had boyfriend breakups around the same time (again...) and being reunited just made things so much better. i remember our first time to hang out with billy at a travelers game. i thought to myself, "this boy has for leah." (they'd known each other for 8 years) sure enough, i was right. i remember the excitement of the first date. hearing about the introduction of the families. then she and i formed what was dubbed "the sunday night family" with billy and his roommate tom. we got together every sunday night after church and shared a meal together (some of my favorite memories). through all this, i watched them fall in love. when billy told me he was proposing, i was ecstatic i was even MORE ecstatic when i realized i would be witnessing it all go down in hot springs.

these two are two of my all-time favorites. i am terribly saddened to not be able to be in or attend their wedding (boo for scheduling conflicts but yay for extremely lovely couple whose wedding i'll be shooting the same day in kansas!). HOWEVER, i am supremely honored to be shooting some of their photos before. we had just days to plan this because shortly after the proposal, billy headed out to palo alto for a new job. as you can tell, my friends are so fun (wish i could show the outtakes. ha)

probably my personal fave :)

much love to you my sweet friends. i have enjoyed so much getting to be part of your journey.


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