Wednesday, March 28, 2012

growing up

there is that moment (for me it was in my late teens) when you realize you are growing up and that's that--no going back. some take it better than others, and being the old soul i have always (ALWAYS) been, i never took it well.

lately, i have taken the idea of aging gracefully and thought about what a beautiful thing that truly is. now before this thing gets out of hand and you think this post is all about me (pshhhh...), it most certainly is not.  growing up has always been something i've thought about in the strict reflection of myself. recently, though, those thoughts have swiftly kicked my boo-tayyy when i realized that not only have i grown up but so have my younger siblings. the babies (the youngest 4) will forever hold that title with me, no matter if they're 6 or 36. jade and callahan are closer in age to me, so it was no shocker that we'd evolve into the adults we've become.

but my heart literally fell when i looked at these photos of my sister, cameron grace. camie just got her braces off and is following in her sisters's footsteps in loving accessories and clothing. my mother asked me if i'd take her out for a quick photo session to celebrate her cuteness and the liberation of the teeth (we've all been there, right? isn't it the greatest feeling EVER? i swear i could have been the 'chubby bunny' queen after my braces were off--all that room!) so here i was looking at this super cute young lady who i held in my arms, diapered her butt, saw off to kindergarten (and then a week later, i started my freshman year of college), now with a big ol' future ahead. she was my family's very first adoption and stole our hearts immediately.

growing up. we're all doing it, so why does it feel like i'm just now figuring this out?

and my personal fave:

yay, camie. celebrating you and your future. you are loved more than you will ever know :)

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