Sunday, September 2, 2012

the story of us

I cannot believe that this post is actually being written. It is a rich, humbling experience and one that I am so very excited to share.

I'm getting married, y'all. Yes, the infamously single Lady Jordan Simmons is on the precipice of leaving the land of Singledom. While this has been a most affable and lovely home for many years, let the party start. :)

One of the most surreal things about all of this is the response and love we have experienced throughout our entire relationship. Before we were engaged, we had so many people comment on our relationship, asking me about what we did to remain so happy.  We laugh, we argue, we play, we get mad, we cry, we smile, we forgive, and we love deeply and live simply. And for us, that is enough.

So, let me tell you about our proposal. :)
Saturday, September 1, 2012 is my new favorite day.
It started like most weekends that Heath and I share together when I'm visiting from Benton: we each slept in, one more than the other (I make no apologies. YOLO). We shared a late lunch with his best friend at our favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant in a neighboring town, and then came back to his house to veg/get his laundry done. It really was a most unassuming day. We then went to his mother's house because Heath was putting steps on the sides of his truck with his stepfather. Afterward, we came back to his house, so he could take a shower to clean up from working on his truck. After he got cleaned up, he decided to watch football while I decided to grade papers from this past week; we would grab a late dinner afterward . So, I walked outside to my car to get my school bag, and when I came back in, Heath was standing kind of awkwardly in his living room. I walked over to his couch, not thinking anything about it. Before I knew it, that wonderful creature was slowly getting on one knee. I gasped and started saying "WHAT?! What is happening?! No! Are you SERIOUS?!" And let me just say, we were both in tears before he could even get his words out (Sorry, babe, I had to be honest). At this point, my mind was going a million different places, but I listened to everything he had to say because I didn't want to miss a word, and then Heath said, "You know how I feel about you, I always have. I don't really know what I am supposed to say here but... I've loved you since the first grade, and since we've been together, you have made me a better man, and you make me want to be a better man for our future. Will you marry me?" And of course there were multiple yes's and kisses and many tears by both parties, and we held each other for a couple minutes. Then he put the ring on my finger, and we just stood there, hugging each other. I've never felt so content in my life. Afterward, we drove to his parents house to share the good news. Then we made a path that went from my sister's house to my grandmothers house, then finally my mother's house. We didn't want to call or send texts: we wanted to give the news from our own mouths. What a beautiful night full of love and thanksgiving.

Heath's proposal was simple, earnest, and genuine: absolutely perfect. Heath and I have over the year of our relationship seen proposals that were large and full of bells and whistles, and our reaction has always been the same: why? It just isn't us. We both agreed from the start that something like that should be uncomplicated and intimate. We knew that when the time came, we wanted it to be just us. Apparently my family and his didn't know exactly when it would happen; they knew it was soon (because he came asking for their blessing). So, seeing the excited reactions from our loved ones made it all the better.

We would like to both say "thank you" for all your kind texts, calls, comments, and emails in this most exciting time in our life. We don't have an exact date set, but we don't want to wait long, so we're thinking October, if we can even last until then :)
a fun one from last night :)


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