Saturday, July 21, 2012

singing in the rain

I have heard this song a bazillion (not really) times before and never really soaked in the lyrics, but after recent life developments and hearing it on a drive home from some utter craziness, I. just. l o v e  it.

Story time:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jordan (yes, ya smarty pants...yours truly) who bought a delightful little house and affectionately dubbed it "The Pearl." This girl felt so grownup because she was making adult decisions and everything seemed to be going well. She lived in her humble abode for one year, and shortly after that anniversary, she left her home for a long weekend of caring for lovely creature known as Boyfriend after his oral surgery but checked her mail first to find a letter from her mortgage company saying their records showed she had no homeowners insurance in their records as of the one year anniversary. They also said in that letter that they had tried to contact her insurance company to remedy the situation (to no avail). Naturally, Jordan had a small stroke and first thing the next morning called and left an urgent message with her agent (who didn't return). After never hearing back, she found out from another agent that her policy was listed as "inactive." This agent who was helping her promised to get with her actual agent to figure out what the problem was. Later that day she heard back from her actual agent, and he added with a nervous giggle that she had not had homeowner's insurance for the whole of the first year of owning her house, even though she had paid for it...

(insert the losing of religion here)

Before you think that this post is to smash the insurance company with whom I had thought I had a policy, it is absolutely not. It is a post of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for a God who protected me and blessed me beyond measure.

A couple months ago, I had signed up and paid for the last class I had to take for my journalism certification. It was through a local community college and it was online. However, I received the news a mere 3 days before class was to start that it was being cancelled. Frustrated, I looked for an online class in journalism. I found one at a state school, but it was way more than the community college. Panicking, I just accepted the fee and signed up. Truly, though, I let that rob me of so much joy for nearly a week. I was grumpy and upset because I had had some plans for home improvements this summer and now (especially after buying the brand new edition of book) things were financially tight. Wah wah wah...Debbie Downer in the house, y'all. In. the. house.

Fast forward to the previous story and the predicament. No homeowner's insurance. Once the shock wore off and I realized I had been unknowingly been living on a prayer, I was beyond grateful for a God who would take care of me in such a big way. Luckily, I had had a year of no accidents. What had happened was after I had closed on my house and had gotten the keys, my agent contacted me and said that my policy was going to have to be rewritten because my house was so old (1944). He told me they were going to be issuing me a refund and that I was to sign it and send it right back to them. He said it was just some awkward steps that had to be done. So, I did that and never looked back. I didn't hear from him but didn't think anything of it. In the same bundle of mail that I got the notice from my mortgage company, I also received another check for the same amount the one had been the year before. That was another thing that I addressed with my agent, and he said that he never received the check and because of that, he put my policy as inactive and assumed I had cashed it and gone with a different agency...not the So, without given a letter or phone call stating the contrary, I lived life thinking The Pearl was insured when it was not. This new check was actually the old check reissued because their account department showed that my check had not been cashed or anything, so they automatically reissued it to me.

Now for the good stuff:
  • I was able to get insurance with another agency for a better deal than I had gotten with my former agency. Hallelujah.
  • That reissued check was actually my very own. It was for me, not to send anywhere but to my bank account.
  • And the  k i c k e r:  that check covered the class and book that I was griping about earlier. It was about $20 more.

So let me just tell you, I am amazed and astonished at how the Lord's timing is just always so spot on. He kept me safe this year. He blessed me physically, emotionally, and financially. It gives me chills; His provision never ceases to amaze. I wonder how many blessings I have missed out on because I was upset about little things that are trivial. This whole singing in the rain thing; I'm definitely working on it.

Basically...I want to be this guy


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