Monday, October 10, 2011

"it's the comic con for english teachers"

When telling my students what I did this weekend, this is what a kid in my 7th period class said when I told him about a fun literature-themed party I went to this weekend. He was actually quite right.

Saturday night Best Friend and I headed to our friend Kellie's house for a little themed party called "Literature and Libations." Being a reading enthusiast, I was totally smitten with this idea. This is like a nerdy girl's best dream. Those attending were asked to dress as a favorite character in literature or author. I perused my closet to see what it had to offer as far as costuming. I got it down to three ideas: Tiny Tim, Oliver, or Scout Finch. I ended up choosing Scout A). because she is just so ridiculously awesome B). because my friends told me to C). because her outfit required the least amount of layers. I arrived to Kellie's in a white v, overalls, and my Steve Madden Troopas. I made a heart patch with the name "Dill", gave myself Heidi braids, a "bloody" lip and then asked Kellie to use her mad makeup skills and give me a black eye. We had such a fun evening with some great people, some fun literary trivia, and some tasty Sun Chips...
"Lolita" AKA "Kellie" AKA "Hostess with the Mostess" AKA "Best Literature Game Maker EVER"

"Anne Frank" AKA "Laura K" AKA "Best Friend"

"Humbert Humbert and Lolita" AKA "James and Lauren" AKA "Cute Couple Award Winners"
"CS Lewis" AKA "Doug" AKA "Pretender of not knowing people"

"Anne and Scout" AKA "Jordan and Laura" AKA "BFFL's"

"Douglas Adams" AKA "Ethan" AKA "Most Comfortable One There"

When Lolita wasn't working on her new modern dance routines, she was skating around on the stairs.

Some just showed up for funsies.

Best Friend and my personal photographer. Holla.

"Zelda Fitzgerald" and "Lolita"

What a super fun weekend. We up late talking and listening to stellar tunes while munching on some super tasty Sun Chips. If I had to grade this party, it would get an A+.


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