Thursday, August 4, 2011

the story of the pearl.

hey, you. it has been a very long time.
too long, i gather.
though this post is shamefully overdue, i would like to share the story of my new dwelling place. the place i love so much and feel was built specifically with me in mind, even if she was built 67 years ago.

the pearl.

in the month of may, i was feeling a bit discouraged about my living situation. i was renting an apartment that was nestled on a golf course but was built very cookie-cutter and not very well, to boot. i lived downstairs and my upstairs neighbors could sneeze, and i'd hear it below. walk across the living room and it would sound like a herd of animals were roaming above. it was also a really ridiculous cost for a one woman to have a two-bedroom apartment. i spoke with some of my co-workers about it, and they said they would be on the lookout. one friend suggested a lady who worked in the school district who owned rental property with her husband. i contacted her in hopes of finding something more suiting for me. she told me of a house she and her husband were renting to her daughter. her daughter was wanting to move soon and had found a house in the country. (take in mind, i am doing all of this in the middle of may and my lease would be up june 28th. i would either have to renew for an entire year or find a new place.) the lady said she would let me know something within the week. i was excited because she told me the price of the rent was the same as my apartment...and it would be a whole house (oh, my thoughts...)

so during this week, my friend jules (could write an entire series of blogs gushing about my thankfulness for her and her friendship) and her husband went driving around after dinner in case they saw a house for me. one day, i received a text from jules saying she had found an adorable house, but it was for sale. she sent photos, but said they didn't really do it justice (it didn't, by the way). so charming from the get, i was instantly enamored. she had called the realtor for me and was waiting on the call back. she had left a message asking if it could be "rent-to-own" the idea of buying a house always creeped me out. it is such a big commitment. i kept thinking about all the upkeep and the fact that i would have to buy appliances to go in the house. ugh.

a couple days later, jules sends me a text with mulitple exclamation marks. in a nutshell, she was telling me the price (ridiculously low) and the fact that it was an elderly lady who was selling...and she wanted to leave all the appliances except the refridgerator. already an answer to my prayer, i knew i had to see this house. the next afternoon, i went to visit the house. i was instantly in love. jules and i had driven by many times already just to check it out from a distance. however, once i stepped foot inside, i knew it was mine. i know that is super cliche and cheesy, however true it is. i told my realtor that i wanted to put an offer down. the next day, i was qualified for a loan and went to put down an offer. the elderly lady later accepted. this was done on may 26...and i found out my closing date would be june 24. another answer to my prayers. i'd have two days to get my things moved to The Pearl because technically the seller has two days after the closing to move/stay/etc. (**note, i never heard from the lady about the rent house. her daughter's plans fell through and i only found this out after everything got going with the purchasing of my house. God's timing is always so perfect)

i was so nervous about many things, namely finances. i would have to cough up a nice little downpayment that would essentially be an entire month's paycheck. (savings shmavings was always my idea...ummm, lame...). it got closer to time, and i was so very anxious. inspections and signing my life away...all the while, trying to finish school, go to new york, and just breathe. i was exhausted. finally the day before closing came and i was going to do my final walk through. most of the lady's things were gone, and that is when i realized that i not only got a 3 bedroom house but a latin loverboy, as well. Best Friend was with me, and she saw that in the formal dining room there was tiled, mosaic matador. she laughed loudly, and i walked in to see that where the chifferobe had been, there was now "Maximo." the seller was afraid that i would see that and go running for the hills, but cupid's arrow couldn't have struck a more perfect candidate. i loved the history behind it. it was part of The Pearl, and now it was part of my story.

we closed on the 24th, and i found out my first house payment wouldn't be due until august 1st. i also found out that with my house note, including my property taxes and homeowners insurance, i would be saving $160 a month from what i had been paying in rent. what in the world?! saving money by buying a house? unheard of.

i met the previous owner for the first time. blue-haired with a shrill voice and oversized sunnies that took up most of her face. she was just as cute as The Pearl, and we set up a meeting two days later to sit and talk and for her to give me the keys. i went to get the utilites switched over to my name that day and was told that because the closing date was when it was, my first bill wouldn't be due till september. such fantastic news because i was going to be living on one paycheck for two months and would receive my next paycheck august 20th. another piece of great news, i got a call from a gym in town needing someone for the month of july to teach yoga, toning, and zumba. this would be 9 classes a week and would later save me a lot from being bored because with me, boredom always meant spending money i shouldn't. i was able to start moving in on the 26th. it was crazy and hectic but when it was all said and done, i was sitting in something that was actually mine. my very own home.
the pearl.

now this is crazy and terribly long-winded,but i wanted to share with you my joy. also, the fact that i feel incredibly blessed and that God gave me something, yet again, that i do not deserve. He put people in my life for different purposes, one of which was to show me this house. God has taught me things about myself, things i could do that i didn't know were possible. i didn't believe: a. i could get a loan all by myself, no one else with me to sign. b. i could take care of my finances and "make it" on a whole lot less than what i was. 2 months. 1 month's pay. what joy! what encouragement! i couldn't be more blessed and thankful for this new journey in my life.

i hope you have your own "pearl" for which to be thankful.


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Amanda Money said...

What a great story! I love those built in shelves. Old houses have so much character